Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Meerkat at San Diego Zoo (2006)

This is probably the best of the meerkat photos. The bright sun and shade did not make for the best lighting for photography. The San Diego Zoo has several tiny meerkat compounds scattered all over. You can watch them for hours. They look so wise and polite, but I think they are just some kind of weasel.


Leo said...

I see by your tag that this is Timon. My, My how success changes a Meerkats's appearance- no doubt because of the chemicals in the makeup...very sad indeed. I wonder if organic makeup would have saved his career?

I suppose the saving grace is that his character has not been affected. Just goes to show that the inner person is more important than the external...when will Hollywood learn?

voyageur said...

I'm not so sure what was going on with him, he wasn't very talkative. In fact, he did not say a word. He might have been unhappy that the wart-hogs were all confined to a paddock up the hill, away from the meerkats.