Saturday, January 13, 2007

Las Vegas Jellyfish (September 2003)

The mesmerising jellyfish tank at Shark Reef at the Mandalay Bay casino.


voyageur said...

Sea turtles? It says there were sea turtles there, but I don't remember seeing them. I did see the sharks, but they did not seem as impressive as these jellies.

borgwoman said...

Did they have sea dragons?

No, really. That's a relative of a sea horse. Really.

They have trouble breeding them in capitivity. It's the male that gets pregnant or something.

voyageur said...

I do not recall if Mandalay Bay had sea-dragons. I know them well, however, since I saw them just last September and got a few nice pictures.

The male sea-horse gets pregnant, so if sea-dragons are a lot like sea-horses, they probably reproduce the same way.

Pictures are easily available.

borgwoman said...

Aren't they cool?

But they're camo is so good, the first time I saw them, I didn't SEE them. I thought the tank was empty except for the seaweed.

voyageur said...

Yes, they are cool, and I did not see them at first. I only found one good photo (the other is blurred) but there are many more photos of ocean life where this came from.