Saturday, March 3, 2007

Spring is Coming

I just now found this photo. I knew it was somewhere, but had not been able to locate it yet. It was snapped in the back yard a couple of years ago. It's here as a reminder that spring is coming. Yes, it was a dreadful dreary winter day today.


Balou said...

Great catch! Spring seems a bit closer now that it's into March.

voyageur said...

quoted from above: "He is just so cute. Did you get that close? Or did you have like a zoom lens?"

Yes, darling isn't he (or she)? I had a few pictures of this one, but this is the one that turned out the best.

We were probably less than 10 feet away, since this picture was taken in the woods. That might be too close: we really did not want to disturb him or bother the mother. My Toshiba digital camera is a "point and shoot" with a built-in zoom, which I am sure I used then. But this is certainly no "wildlife in the distance" photo.

(The bulky Toshiba was lost at the time of my most recent trip, so I got another camera)

I think we've seen fawns in the back yard a few times since, but the other times it is "oh wow! run inside and grab the camera!" and come back and the fawn is gone... or the fawn just happens to be running through the grass somewhere.

We don't hunt (ahem, looking for them, NO guns!) for them in the yard: it's just a matter of when we see them.

I'm sure there will be a few fawns bedding down in the back yard this spring. Whether or not we see them, let alone get a photo, is another matter.

We have deer and turkeys in the yard a lot. Fox are not unknown. There are rumors of coyotes (well, at least we have heard them) and the next-door neighbor, I believe, once sighted a MOUNTAIN LION.

Andrew said...

Goodness, I like your back yard better than mine! I live in the city and it is all squerrels and crows.

voyageur said...

I've got news for you: it's mostly squirrels and crows here too! But it's not all squirrels and crows as you can see.

Dawn said...

Oh that is absolutely adorable. My husband is really getting into photography just now. He was into it some years ago, but has picked it up again. We're planning to out to an island and take pictures of some rare birds soon. Maybe I can post some of them on my blog.

voyageur said...

I've think I've taken about 9,000 pictures with that Toshiba digital camera since I got around 2003. This was my first "real" digital camera. I did not take huge amounts of photos before that.

Dawn said...

Wow. 9,000! Them's a lot o' pictures. I guess it's addictive. Hubby can hardly wait to go out to the park which is nearby and try to get pics. He wants SO badly to get a good picture of a snake. I guess it is a guy thing. He got one the other day, but the snake was thinner than his pinky. Poor guy.

voyageur said...

Well, a lot of the pictures are redundant to the one(s) before and after, and "Why did I take this?". But they are so easy to take and store.

Snake? I think we have a few "picked up off the ground in the wild" snake and turtle pics. I'll put those in the blog eventually. If you keep going back in my older posts, you will see more wildlife (in the form of Texas and San Diego zoo/aquarium animals). There's more where that came from.