Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Deer Tracks in Snow (December 2006)

There aren't too many reruns on TV now, so why not bring the joy of reruns to the blog?

This picture was the only content of my first blog post on December 16. The blog I posted it in now defunct, and I'm stripping it of 4 or 5 posts that will be reused here further on.

This picture was taken not longer after the first big storm of winter, and a lot of the snow had already melted and compacted down.

I figured it would be interesting to run this now that winter is over, and tracks like these are again a common site as the snow melts away.

Thanks to a fellow blogger for early encouragement and participation as I first tried to really figure out blogging, which I started with this photo.


voyageur said...

Previous comment summary from when this was in another blog. Names removed for now. I know the Klingon proverb about not caring if what you said is heard, but do not know where that fits into copying someone's post. Just trying to be polite, whether or not I have any unmuzzled bears. I can put name(s) back upon request!:

Q: Do you feed the deer?

December 16, 2006 9:25 AM
A: No. There's just a small herd living in and around the yard. The snow is gone, and thus the tracks. No doubt the scat remains.

Thanks again for visiting and posting.

Dawn said...

I have not seen real snow in a very long time. We took an early vacation in February this year in hopes of seeing some snow in Oklahoma. But it wasn't to be.