Monday, February 12, 2007

A visit with the Romulans

part 1:
And so the journey begins. As with many such journeys, a stop off at Romulus to see what the Romulans are doing happens early on. The birds-of-prey are run by companies like Northwest, American Airlines, and Continental. I'm talking, of course, about the Detroit Metro Airport, which really is located in Romulus.

In this photo, a Romulan walks past a Quiznos in the food court area. Notice that the Romulan is blurred: I think maybe he was in the middle of engaging a personal cloaking device at the time the photo was taken. Now, I have no idea if he was a real Romulan or not: the tips of his ears were hidden by the baseball cap.

I did make sure to drop by the Quiznos to inspect their menu. Even though the Quiznos was not open. I really had never been to one before, but was scheduled to go to one later that day, and wanted to see what they served, and maybe see if there were any coupons sitting there or something.

Not all was closed: a place next to it was selling big ol regular sloppy pizza slices. For breakfast.


Leo said...

Not too far from where from where I live (Dearborn) when were you at Metro Airport?

It is good that you ran into a safe Romulan. I hear that they are capturing Federation people and selling them off to the Borg in exchange for safe passage through Borg controlled sectors of the universe.

voyageur said...

If any of my two main readers (main readers at the time, anyway) had taken me up on the "10th Commenter Wins a New Car!" contest in an earlier entry, I was prepared to deliver a nice little Matchbox convertible to one of two locations :)

Any Romulans and Borg met so far have chosen to grant me safe passage.

borgwoman said...

The borg do not buy people. We assimulate.

voyageur said...

Yes. That would be the Ferengi who buy everything. I'm rather sure I will not see any.

Balou said...

But could you see his eyebrows? Were they upswept at the outer edges perhaps?

LOL! Thanks for the chuckle.

voyageur said...

I didn't really look at his eyebrows. The guy had a real generic Garth Brooks type of look.

Come to think of it, there have to be Ferengi around here. Why else would my wallet be getting thinner during this trip? I'd also better make sure to inspect for unknown Romulan disruptor burns and Borg nanoprobes.